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Increases Revenue

Provider Training

Allows Growth Without Concern For Additional Billers/Coders

Payer Updates & Changes

Claim Denials


Patient Forms


Consistent Staffing


Revenue Cycle Management

ProMed Professionals has made sure we have been paid for every patient we have seen in the last year! They helped our front desk understand how important their role is in patient collections and eligibility verification.
IL, Pain Specialist

Focus On Quality Patient Care - We'll
Handle The Billing!

Save time and reduce costs with our experienced team, tools and services!

How Does Outsourcing Work?

The implementation team begins the setup process. Upon completion an introduction to your billing team is made. Workflows are created and the billing process begins!

When Can You Expect To See An Increase in Revenue?

With our expertise and staff of highly trained coders and billers, your practice will immediately see an increase in revenue!

Save More and Worry Less With Right Medical Billing

Why Choose Us


We ensure that you have an uninterrupted cash-flow by boosting reimbursements. You can also improve your operational efficiency by saving on overhead costs. Needless to say, your bottom line gets a boost.


Our highly experienced billing professionals are specially trained to spot and rectify billing errors that can delay claims. The standardizations in our process imply accuracy and precision at all times.


We have made it our priority to constantly update our billing teams on changing HIPAA regulations and other norms in the healthcare industry. We go the extra mile to strengthen our client’s compliance efforts.

ProMedProfessionals By Numbers


More About Us

ProMed Professionals, is an offshore complete revenue cycle management service provider company. We understand the healthcare needs and the fact that it must be cost effective. We deliver complete back office solutions, helping organizations of all sizes reduce their costs by allowing them to focus on patient care.

We know the importance of clean and accurate billing as revenue is the blood line for any business. We strive to deliver error free services but in case a claim is denied purely because of our fault (untimely); we will reimburse the provider at 100% of the carrier’s allowable rate. Due to our strong QA process we guarantee clean claims, 16 days turnaround time resulting in faster reimbursements. We believe that we can deliver better services and offer more competitive rates than your existing service provider.

ProMed Professionals utilize the latest EHR/PM technology to help providers gain CMS incentives and quick reimbursements. The goal is not just to get the claims paid it is to get them paid with correct guidelines. Our team is experienced in using different EMR/EHR and upto date with CMS and commercial payer guidelines. Our staff comprises of resources with vast experience in offshore medical billing and healthcare industry. We guarantee increase in revenues and decrease in expenses. We are expert in recovering accounts receivable and can work to eliminate your old pending accounts receivable.

With EMR being mandatory as of 2014 we provide consultancy to providers for suitable EMR/EHR. Every practice has different needs and workflows; we help them get what is best for their practice. Today as a healthcare service provider you are not just challenged to provide quality services to patient but also be up-to-date with insurance guidelines. Let us help you take care of your business while you focus on patient care and communication. We work to reduce your cognitive overload, support your front staff and manage all back end operations.

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