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Who We Are?

ProMed Professionals was founded by a bunch of Medical Billing Professionals with vast experience in the field of offshore outsourcing. Management is over 10 years experienced in this field and continues to deliver with excellence. We know and understand the healthcare business in and out. Our dedicated staff is a combination of experience and youth.

Each and every individual is trained and up to date with CMS, Commercial Insurances, AMA & HIPPA laws, regulations and guidelines. In addition they are trained to collect the maximum & legitimate reimbursement for every service your practice provides. Our staff’s average experience is 5.5 years in this field.

Before starting work on any new project, we analyze the client’s existing business function in depth. Once we understand the client’s need we come up with the best possible solution at the most economical cost. This enables our clients to achieve quality services with 50% – 75% cost savings, while they focus with peace of mind on their core activities of patient care.

Our preference

Our preference is satisfied clients. As a health care physician you and your practice strive everyday to meet the challenges of patient care. The healthcare provider now also has to face the music of increasing operational costs and complicated reimbursement policies.

We guarantee to help you accomplish your goals as a practice. From the first point of patient contact to maximum reimbursements for services, you will find our financial and administrative capabilities ensuring your practice runs at its full potential.

What We Offer?

We offer a suite of fully-integrated, end-to-end services and a variety of customized solutions which help physicians and practices simplify every step of practice management process, from initial scheduling of an appointment, to the billing and reimbursement process.
Our mission is to maximize the practice’s earning potential by reducing expenses and increasing the net income of every practice, allowing physicians to spend more time with patients and less time updating insurance guidelines.

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